Free State & Golden Gate
South Africa's Free State Province is the heart of the country, where expanses of wild land stretch out beneath a sky that seems somehow larger than the one you left at home. Here, you'll find fields of sunflowers, the jutting rocks and shining grasses of Golden Gate Highlands Park and the riverside stone chalets of our own private land, Bospoort. Your stay in the Free State will be filled with nature walks/hikes, safaris and game drives, homecooked meals, boma fires and full-out relaxation. As one of our American guests put it, "This is the only place on earth I can imagine that is still the way that God made it."
*All meals included during stays at Bospoort

Bospoort Lodge
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Bospoort as your own private paradise
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Below: Enjoying the view above the Caledon River
Above: Seating at Bospoort's stone bar
Perched on the hills of South Africa's heartland, Bospoort's thatched-roof stone chalets offer spectacular views and peaceful seclusion. Homecooked meals and nightly fires soothe the spirit; safari day (and night!) drives offer an unmatched adventure; and scenic horseback rides and hikes reveal pre-historic cave paintings and stunning outlooks over the African countryside.
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The Golden Gate Highlands
The Drive:
A drive through the Free State towards Golden Gate is an experience like no other. Past fields of sunflowers, long stretches of gently rolling land give way to ancient towers of stone, bursting high from the land and sprinkled along the surrounding green hillsides.
A stop by the wealthy village of Clarens reveals an enchanted strip of antique shops, artists' studios and decadent cafes specializing in local wines, teas, cheeses and preserves.
Golden Gate:
Just down the road are the towering rock formations and waist-high dancing grasses of Golden Gate Highlands National Park, a nature reserve of historic preportions.
Right: Sunflower fields of the Free State; Below: View of Brandwag Rock from Golden Gate's Brandwag Hotel & Resort
Other Free State Highlights
The Free State's national parks and private game reserves offer game viewing like you'll find nowhere else: laid-back, up-close, private and completely tailored to your interests and desires.
A short drive will take you to the world famous diamond mines of Kimberly, headquarters of DeBeer's and home to the world's largest hand-dug hole - where over 3 tons of diamonds were unearthed!
The city of Bloemfontein is the nation's judicial center, the birthplace of acclaimed writer J.R.R. Tolkein and the home to Naval Hill, the only game reserve located in a city's center.
The Free State borders the landlocked country of Lesotho, home to the friendly Basotho people who abide in mountainous countryside. This close proximity provides a taste of native culture not spoiled by commercial tourism and Western influences. * 646-391-6759