Natal & The Drakensberg Mountains
Along the tropical coastline of Kwazulu-Natal, you'll find the modern port of Durban's vibrant nightlife, coastal resorts and some of the world's most fabulous curries. Further up the coast of the Indian Ocean is Greater St. Lucia Wetland Park, where you'll find hippos, crocs and sharks swimming in the same waters! Turn inland and you'll come across mountainsides of colorful huts, home to modern-day Zulus holding tightly to the traditions of their ancestors - you may see them herding cattle or strolling along the roadside paths, large baskets balanced on their heads. Further inland still loom the ancient peaks and crags of the Drakensberg (or Dragon Mountains) running like a spine down South Africa's center.

The Wild Coast
Left: Keep your eyes open - whales, dolphins and whale sharks migrate along these balmy coasts.
Below: A number of lovely guest houses and chalets have made their homes along the coast and inland among the Drakensberg foothills.
The coast of Kwazulu-Natal is tropical and jungle-like, with thick green vines and grasses creeping up to meet the creamy soft sand and warm, rough waters of the Indian Ocean. If you don't close your windows, you may wake to find a blue monkey or baboon rifling through your things! Yes, the coast is wild, but along it stands the modern hustle and bustle of Durban, the continent's largest and busiest port city. Sports, business and beach combing take a seat right next to the area's rich past and natural wonders.
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The Drakensberg Mountains are the highest range in Africa south of Kilimanjaro. A spectacular challenge for climbers, a haven for hikers and a fantasy-land of beauty for all others, these peaks are a site that will not soon be forgotten. The buttresses, dragon-tooth ridges, cliffs caves, ledges and balacing rocks are fantastic monuments of natural history. They hold keys to our own past, too, as the mountains are home to the richest concentration of Bushman paintings in all of Africa.
Howick Falls

Howick Falls plunges 300 feet into a rich, green valley near the historic town of Howick. the Zulu people call the falls KwaNogqaza, or "Place of the Tall One," and local legend holds that the pool at its base is home to inkanyamba, a giant serpant-like creature. We haven't seen him yet, but the pool was certainly the final resting place for a number of early settlers, who decided that the easiest place to cross the Umgeni River was a shallow spot just above the falls.

In later years, the Howick Falls Hotel played host to both Mark Twain and newsman-explorer Henry Morton Stanley, and Nelson Mandela was hunted down and apprehended in the nearby town of Tweedie. Today the area offers scenic outlooks, great hiking, abseiling, gliding, golf, a quaint museum, horseback riding, tennis and an amazing array of antiques and local crafts.

Far Left: A local resident charms onlookers with his cheerful tunes at the Howick Falls overlook.
Below: The arts & crafts market and antique shops in the town of Howick offer outstanding handmade artworks, furnishings and instruments * 646-391-6759